First of all, I’m sorry. I am not a consistent blogger and in the blogging world that is a #MAJORFAIL. Unintentionally, I launched a blog at the same time I started a new job, albeit a part time one.  Turns out, this new job requires a lot of content generation, so I spend my days writing and writing. When it comes to my days off, the last thing I feel like doing is blogging. I’m hopeless I know, but I’m trying to be better in 2017.

So what’s new?

  1. Went home to Australia for Christmas and finalized wedding venue (yay)
  2. Now planning wedding (also yay with a hint of grrr – see point 3)
  3. Can’t understand why wedding suppliers don’t respond to emails.
  4. Also figuring out how to buy a house back in Australia because DAMN prices have gone up in the last 4 years!
  5. Picking up my #BBG workouts again. Holy guacamole they are hard. Even the “easy” ones are mean. No wonder Kayla looks the way she does.
  6. Pondering starting a VLOG. My lovely Canadian friends suggested I do so, and now it seems a little easier than blogging. One problemo though… I have no idea how to edit videos. Do you need fancy programs?
  7. Starting to really enjoy Singapore life. As some of you may know, my first few months were a big adjustment. The humidity. The weird rules. Expensive rent. More gross humidity. It was all a bit too much compared to my happy little life in Vancouver. But now I’ve settled in, swallowed some concrete, made some really cool friends and am finding my groove.
  8. I have a little business idea for Singapore… but am waiting to find the perfect location. More will be revealed if/when it starts to become a reality. I can’t stop thinking about it which must mean it’s meant to be… isn’t there a cute quote about that somewhere?
  9. I’m going to Bali for the first time ever soon. Oliver and I have never been… There’s a strong likelihood we might be the only Australians who haven’t. I’ll do a Bali blog with my fave things.


So there you have it. A quick summary in the life of Mathilde. If you want to know more, follow me on snapchat.

Tell me, what would you like me to VLOG or BLOG about?

Happy days, Love M.