As per my last job-hunting post, since we moved to the Big Red Dot I have had A LOT of free time on my hands. While I consider myself very lucky to have this time off from the daily grind, I know that I can easily become a lazy-ass-hermit-crab if I don’t get my life into a semblance of a routine! Otherwise it’s suddenly 4pm and I’ve accomplished nothing except eaten a lot of corn chips…  So to avoid wasting this precious time away from the 9-5, today’s post highlights my top 5 tips for making the most of this time-off work. I know some of you are probably already rolling your eyes because time-off is easy, it’s just Sleep, Netflix, Eat, Repeat…

1)   Keep Learning
Just because you may not be working, that doesn’t mean that you can allow your brain to turn into mush. Whether you go on LinkedIn and find some groups to follow that are related to your career (or not at all), read an interesting autobiography, watch educational YouTube videos, learn to cook, do yoga, rollerblade or sew…. Find something each day that will keep your mind active and challenged. Not only is it good for your brain, but you will also feel chuffed that you’ve learnt something NEW rather than scrolling endlessly on Instagram (especially now with the Instasnap feature…)

2)   Get Outdoors
When I’m actively job hunting, I find that time FLIES BY and suddenly it’s early afternoon and I’m still in my PJ’s and the only thing I’ve achieved is writing a couple of cover letters and applying for 1, maybe 2 jobs. It feels amazing to get out of my pyjamas and go for a walk, bike ride, or to explore a new part of this island. Not only will the fresh air be good for your brain and disposition, it’s simply not ok to spend every day of your wonderful FREE time cooped up indoors. As soon as I get my butt up and out the door, I feel re-energized and inevitably come home with a fun story to tell Oliver (which I typically remember to tell during the most exciting part of Masterchef… my timing drives him nuts).

3)   Exercise
You can kill two birds with one stone if you choose to get outdoors + exercise at once, but if your idea of getting outdoors is strolling to the nearby coffee shop and back, then you’re still going to want to exercise! If you have a gym in your building, then off you go! If not, there are plenty of YouTube videos to get fresh blood and oxygen circulating in your body.  We all know that just 30 minutes of exercise per day has so many short and long term health benefits. Read this Huffpost article if you need that extra motivation.

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4)   Be Social
Being new to Singapore, I literally “kinda” knew 1 person here (other than Oliver.. duh). So as soon as I could, I started getting out to meet new peeps. Each time I returned from a “friend-date” I felt excited and so happy to have met some lovely new people. One of my new friends also took me along to a networking event, and I also met some lovely folks that way. So make an effort and get out there! If you’re already surrounded by a network of people, perhaps it’s time to re-connect with folks you haven’t seen in a while? Or, plan a fun dinner party at home for some of your besties – I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture!

5)   Make Plans
I’m a planner, and if I don’t have a semblance of a schedule, I don’t know what to do with myself and tend to waste time. So at the start of each week, I put together a basic daily itinerary so I can continue exploring my new city, without wandering aimlessly around my house hoping for something good to pop on TV 😉

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your time.
This doesn’t happen very often in life, so savour it, make time to do things you enjoy, and focus on all the wonderful things in your life. It might even be time to do some visualizing… What does your dream job look like? How does waking up to your dream job make you feel every morning? Go on… I dare you to actually think about it. Your thoughts create your reality, so now is the time to make room for the things you desire and love.

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