We’ve been wanting a dog for so long, but life circumstances meant that it wasn’t the right time. Living all the way in Canada, as well as small apartments and busy full time jobs were really the main reasons – why get a pet if it’s locked up all day?

My awesome transition back into student life (and eventually working from home) has meant that we could more realistically welcome a pooch into our lives and give it the love and attention it deserves. Plus, life is short so why the heck not?

We started looking into the options. Puppy or adult? Rescue or breeder? We dug further and discovered that Singapore houses a number of dog shelters that rescue stray dogs off the streets, rehabilitate them and find suitable new families for the pooches.

Back in May, we attended a dog adoption drive and met a number of adorable dogs. From chilled out adults to adorable pups, there were so many dogs looking for love. After discovering that the breeders sold puppies for an outlandish $4000, we decided that rescuing a dog that was living in a cage and desperately needed a home was the right choice for us.

Adopting a dog in Singapore is more complicated that we realised. First you must submit a detailed questionnaire explaining your experience with dogs etc, then you do a number of phone interviews with various folks at the shelter. You have a “stranger” come and walk around your house to ensure that you’re a “sensible adult”, and if you’re a suitable match with a dog of your choice, you are required to do 2 pack walks and then a one week house trial with the dog. This process took us about 6 weeks, which was rather disheartening at times when in Australia you can visit the RSPCA and leave with a dog 60 minutes later! But, we understand their reasons for wanting to ensure the dogs are going to good homes and won’t end up back at the shelter 6 weeks later when people can’t handle the reality of owning a dog.

At this point, we had our eye on a few pups but sadly they were adopted by friends of the shelter volunteers. It was then that we decided that instead of forcing the process, we would continue on with more ease and the dog that we were meant to adopt would come to us easily and effortlessly. Why create more work and stress for ourselves than was necessary?

That’s when we met “Misa”. A 4.5 month old rescue with gorgeous brown floppy ears and a sweet and friendly disposition. It was love at first sight for Oliver. She was playful and cuddly, and he was smitten. Only problem for me… it was clear that she was going to be much larger in size than the “ideal” dog we had in mind. But we reminded ourselves that we’d put it out to the universe that the perfect dog would come to us easily and effortlessly. What’s meant to be, will be.


And so within 3 weeks “Misa” began her one week house trial with us. I was in Australia for the first few days which allowed Oliver to really bond with her and set some ground rules. Once I arrived back in Singapore, Oliver went to work and Misa and I began getting to know each other. To her, I was a total stranger and she was really annoyed when I walked in the front door and started acting like I owned the place! To parents with babies and toddlers, please ignore this next sentence… Oli and I both forgot how much work and supervision puppies require. From chewing everything to not knowing where to pee, this not-so-small puppy needed to be watched at all times! But, we wanted a puppy so we could train them to behave the way we want… so I must keep telling myself that!

Now she’s a little angel 80% of the time. House training is underway and we have her sleeping through the night (#proudmum).

Oh, and we renamed her to Frankie.

Our first family photo

Just look at those fluffy little ears!


We’re made for each other. She loves to sit and people watch too.