I have a problem.  Scratch that, call it an obsession because it sounds slightly healthier. This obsession is what I’d like to call the Queen of Comebacks. Move over JLo, because I’m talking about the famous banana leaf print. Yes that’s right… bold statement, but I’m sticking to it. Although we’ve seen this print featured in tacky, run-down holiday resorts more than 40 decades ago, the evolution of the banana leaf print has comeback with a vengeance. She’s cheeky, modern and oh so fun.

Since arriving in Singapore I jumped on the banana leaf print boat and I refuse to disembark. So, in an attempt to stop me from going out and spending a small fortune on this dashing print, here are some of my favourite new banana leaf obsessions…

I think we all need this set of banana leaf travel gear

India Hicks’ Travel Bag Collection


Everyday can feel like a tropical holiday with this shower curtain

Everyday can feel like a tropical holiday with this shower curtain


Say "I do" to this tropical-rustic themed wedding invitation.

Say “I do” to this tropical-rustic themed wedding invitation.


Hot Pink, Green, White and Natural Wood are the perfect tropical colour combination

Salivating over this table setting by Amorology weddings


One Singapore Sling, please

One Singapore Sling, please


Banana Leaf wallpaper. Now I need to own a house in the Hamptons to renovate!



Dolce and Gabbana nailing the Banana Leaf print style

Isn’t she stunning in Dolce and Gabbana’s Banana Leaf Print?