After bouts of total misery and that monday-morning dread, I quit the corporate world of marketing and decided to follow my passion into health and wellness. Now in the final stages of my Health Coach certification, I am living the dream – working from home and helping people change their lives for the better, permanently.

Born in France and raised in Australia since 7 years of age,  I’m known to have a bit of a funny accent and a weakness for smelly cheeses, freshly made bread, good wine as well as sunshine, salty water and mangoes. While some might call it a minor obsession, I also love essential oils, pretty notebooks, lipsticks and scented candles.

On a deeper level, you will always find me looking on the bright side of life. I’m a huge believer that your thoughts shape your reality… so think positively, give life your best, and live in the moment. Don’t save the good china and nice underwear for special occasions, TODAY is SPECIAL. And this is why champagne is always a good idea.

So welcome to my blog, where I will share my life adventures with you, while I sip on champagne (or green juices) and choose to live the best life possible for me.